How to sign up? What is the price? Are there any additional fees?

If you pay up front, there are no additional monthly fees with either the DVDs or the Instant Online Access option. 

If you choose a monthly payment plan, once your payment agreement is complete there will be no additional charges.

Either way there are no hidden fees, EVER!

Here are the current payment options:

*Our prices are listed in US Dollars $ (US$ / USD$).

If you are paying using a Credit Card that is not in US$, no worries, the currency conversion into US$ will be automatic. 

Here's some common currency conversions: 
Australian > US$ to AUD$
Canadian > US$ to CAD$
British Pound Sterling > US$ to £ GBP
Euro > US$ to € Euro

For all other currencies, you can use a currency calculator to view the conversion from your currency into US$.

Any questions let us know!

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